About Us

Introducing Urban Alchemy Lab: Where Nature and Science Fuse to Deliver Holistic Skincare.

In the midst of the turbulence caused by the COVID pandemic, Urban Alchemy Lab emerged as both my sanctuary and creative venture. With over two decades deeply immersed in the skincare industry, my journey began as a licensed CIDESCO esthetician in 2000, inspired by the captivating allure of essential oils and herbs that adorned my childhood, steeped in the ethos of alternative medicine, yoga, and meditation.

From unraveling the mysteries of energy work, herbal remedies, to the harmonies of music and sound therapy, my voyage unfolded, leading me to educate globally for prestigious brands and oversee spa havens like the St. Regis in Houston. For me, skincare transcends the superficial—it's an art form reflecting our inner vitality and energetic resonance.

Fueled by an insatiable quest to redefine skincare, I delved deep into cosmetic chemistry, sculpting formulations that shun harmful additives while celebrating nature's boundless healing energies. Urban Alchemy Lab epitomizes this ethos—an oasis where discerning patrons uncover bespoke, toxin-free skincare solutions tailored to their unique essence.

As a CIDESCO-licensed Esthetician, Herbalist, and Aromatherapist, I infuse each creation with intention and vitality, drawing from the profound insights of Mind, Body, Spirit Release imprinted frequencies—a groundbreaking feature unique to Urban Alchemy Lab. Our products resonate with the serenity and harmony essential for holistic skincare transformations.

Unlike mainstream lines, Urban Alchemy Lab reveres and celebrates the aging process, championing tranquility, fortification, and microbiome nourishment—free from inflammatory agents like Hyaluronic Acid. While others rely on Hyaluronic Acid, we diverge, promising to reveal why and revolutionize your skincare ritual for the better. Bid farewell to acids and over-exfoliation, and return to balance with us.

Moreover, with our commitment to innovation, we offer a secret menu not listed on the website, constantly featuring new products. Simply inquire about our secret menu offerings to explore the latest creations from Urban Alchemy Lab.

Embark on a sensory journey as our products envelop you in the tranquil embrace of a spa sanctuary, each jar holding the essence of serenity. Unlock exclusive treasures by exploring our secret menu, a portal to sublime skincare experiences beyond our digital frontier. Stay tuned for our upcoming video blog, offering intimate glimpses into our formulations and skincare philosophy.

By supporting Urban Alchemy Lab, you're not just acquiring skincare; you're fostering a dream. Every potion is meticulously formulated, crafted, and born from collaboration with esteemed chemists, ensuring efficacy and safety in every batch.

Join us on this transformative journey, where nature's alchemy elevates your skincare ritual into a profound act of self-care and indulgence.