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Repair Oil + Calm+Soothe

Repair Oil + Calm+Soothe

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Soothe insect bites, scrapes, open cuts and wounds, burns, bruises, rashes, and other minor skin irritations and more with this beautiful blend of potent essential oils. All the essential oils used in this Oil have been used throughout time and in many cultures for their medicinal properties. Utilize this as your first aid go-to as this undiluted formula naturally soothes, calms, and cools the skin. You will be amazed at how effective this oil is for all kinds of skin irritations!

Key Ingredients

Lavender Essential Oil ~ Makes scars, spots and wrinkles less noticeable, while gently coaxing skin into a feeling of balance and calm.

Peppermint Essential Oil ~ Purifies, stimulates, cools and comforts irritated skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil ~ Purifies and boosts the body's natural ability to heal wounds.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil ~ Calms and soothes.

Helichrysum Essential Oil ~ Soothes and supports the body's natural healing abilities

How to Glow

Apply directly to area of concern. Be careful not to apply more than a few drops as this is undiluted! Keep away from eyes.

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