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Magic Muscle Melt (CBD Muscle Relief)

Magic Muscle Melt (CBD Muscle Relief)

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This warming muscle balm for the body is a synergistic blend of Menthol, CBD and more to provide comfort for achy muscles. This advanced formula provides a warming action to comfort and relax the body. Infused with CBD and a blend of warming and supportive ingredients, apply directly to achy muscles for comfort. An ideal partner to your post exercise routine or habitual aches and pains. 



Key Ingredients

Menthol - Cools and reduces the feeling of inflammation

Full Spectrum CBD - Anti Inflammatory

Peppermint - Lends a warming, comforting sensation to skin and muscles

Copaiba - Anti Inflammatory

Arnica Extract - Soothes the feeling of inflammation and reduces the appearance of bruising

Camphor - May help to relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and stiffness

Capsicum - Warms and helps to provide some relief for achy muscles

How to Glow

Apply directly to the area of concern. Do not apply close to your face, especially eyes or any open wounds. If you get any on your hands, wash your hands before touching your face! This is a tiny but mighty warrior!

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