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Fountain of Youth Elixir (CBD infused)

Fountain of Youth Elixir (CBD infused)

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Every once and awhile, a skincare product comes along that checks off all the boxes. Our Fountain of Youth Elixir is one of those products. Specially formulated plant-based oils including organically sourced C02 extracted American CBD, this tantalizing elixir is gentle, yet powerful, enough to address the needs of all skin types.

If you struggle with sensitive skin and are often dealing with constant inflammation, irritation, and excessive redness, incorporating this potent elixir into your skincare routine on a daily basis can offer significant relief.

Our Fountain of Youth Elixir was also formulated to provide intense hydration to help the skin stay firm, nourished, and radiant. With the help of an array of beneficial essential oils including CBD, Marula, Prickly Pear, and Sea Buckthorn, this elixir has all that you need to create harmony.

If what you need is an added layer of protection on top of your normal go to moisturizer this is a perfect addition to help prevent and slow down the usual signs of aging - this multipurpose elixir helps minimize the look of wrinkles and age spots, while shielding your skin from the everyday effects of environmental pollutants.
Made with holistic, natural ingredients that are free from parabens and chemicals, this abundant oil is delightfully fragrant and luxurious to the touch. Whether what you seek is a more youthful glow, relief from dry, irritated skin, or protection from the elements, our Fountain of Youth Elixir has got you covered.

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