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What if we told you we could help you feel amazing about the skin you’re in? Many of us spend a ton of time and money trying to revitalize our lackluster skin. Sharing your bare skin with the world may feel impossible. But, it isn’t! You just need the right combination of thoughtfully-selected ingredients. Our ethereal Moon Drops collection was exclusively formulated to treat individual skin concerns. What does that mean? Simply put, each enchanting recipe in this collection was designed to address a specific issue. As skin ages, it loses the look of vitality and plumpness due to its diminished ability to retain water. Our Supermoon Drops are made with the purest of oils with a high concentration of fatty acids to help the skin maintain moisture. This fragrant combination of pure essential oils will help support skin affected by sun damage and the aging process. Our Supermoon Drops will help transform the skin from looking dull, tired, and weathered to more radiant, toned and youthful. The delightful fusion of scents such as, rosemary, frankincense, and geranium will entice all the senses. Before application, take a moment to breathe in this therapeutic aroma and allow it to calm your mind as well as your skin.

How to Glow

Apply two to three drops to clean, dry skin as part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Gently press into the face, neck area avoiding the eye area. For dry skin may be used on top of a moisturizer for an extra nourishing booster.

Key Ingredients

Sunflower & Jojoba Gold

Avocado Oil
Nourishes without leaving a greasy feel, suitable for the most sensitive and challenged skin

Evening Primrose & Rosehip Seed Oils
Decreases the look of inflammation, minimizes the appearance of lines and spots and promotes the appearance of a natural glow

Camellia Oil
Helps reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation and is a strong anti-oxidant.

Patchouli Essential Oil
Makes skin feel tighter, look more youthful

Rosemary Essential Oil
Lessens the look of dryness and imbalance, skin looks healthier, more vibrant

Geranium Essential Oil
Feels soothing on skin and reduces the appearance of irritations and redness

Frankincense Essential Oils
Soothes skin, gives the appearance of a toned, smooth complexion


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