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There are so many elements that contribute to the discoloration and hyperpigmentation of the skin. First and foremost, prolonged exposure to the sun is the leading cause of hyperpigmentation. Past skin injuries or trauma can also lead to significant discoloration over time. Living in areas with extreme levels of pollution – including traffic and environmental pollutants – can cause your skin to feel and look dehydrated, irritated, and significantly discolored. Aside from wearing SPF daily and maintaining a consistent at-home skincare routine, there are other things you can incorporate into your daily regimen to help even out the tone of your skin. Our Moonlight Luminosity Creme was specifically designed to target UV-induced discoloration, uneven complexions, and blemish-related pigmentation. This lightweight, skin-illuminating creme aims to correct dull, discolored skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and sun damage. This incomparable creme marries Niacinamide (a multifunctional form of B3) with Red Algae to help brighten dull skin, enhance barrier strength, support skin elasticity and fade away spots and blemishes. Ergothioneine, a powerful amino acid, stimulates and detoxifies, transforming dull, pigmented skin into a visibly brighter and more youthful complexion.

How to Glow

Apply 1-2 pumps to affected areas morning OR evening over clean skin or following application of serums or complexes.

Key Ingredients

Niacinamide (5%)
A multifunctional form of Vitamin B3 that significantly reduces signs of hyperpigmentation and normalizes signs of discoloration. Prevents accumulation of age and sun spots and minimizes blemishes and acne-related pigmentation. Shields the barrier from dehydration and irritating environmental pollutants, reducing sensitivities and diminishing pollution-related discoloration and ashiness.

Red Algae (Palmaria Palmata)
Clinically tested oligosaccharides from Palmaria Palmata. Targets UV-induced pigment formation, age spots, ashy, dull, gray and glycated complexion. It fades and brightens dark senescent spots and photo-induced pigmentation, improving uniformity and luminosity.

Liquid Crystals
Bio-mimetic “skin-like” fatty acid molecules derived from olives. They mimic the skin’s own tridimensional structure and organization integral for maintaining healthy moisture levels. These structures reinforce barrier strength and resilience and ensure better delivery of actives into the skin.

Shea Butter
Emollient “butter” from the karite nut tree that softens skin and promotes surface barrier repair.

Licorice Root Extract
Used for centuries in traditional medicine and skincare for its soothing, moisturizing, antimicrobial, brightening, and skin tone evening properties. It also aids in providing protection against UV-induced erythema, reducing signs of inflammation, and helping to improve signs of facial redness and rosacea.

Rice Bran Extract (Oryza Oativa)
Naturally-occurring plant antioxidant that protects the barrier against free radicals and oxidation, preventing pigmentation, restoring skin radiance, improving suppleness and minimizing dullness.


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