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Our Botanical Clarifying Toner is a purifying blend of intoxicating scents which helps to decrease the look and feel of congested skin and provide a beautiful glow. This magical sweetheart doesn’t just act as a daily bi-phase toner, but infuses a collection of botanical extracts which nourish troubled skin. Great for acne prone skin from the Prebiotics but also a favorite choice for large pores , inflamed skin and slowing down that annoying the aging process. Who doesn’t need this??? It is our Favorite product in the entire collection! Cult following… seriously. And the aroma??? If you have even had a facial with Stevie you will know this aroma as she uses this proprietary blend throughout her treatments. Simply THE spa aroma.

How to Glow

After cleansing, shake the bottle before opening and apply a few drops to a cotton compress and wipe your face. Follow with your favorite serums or moisturizer and SPF.

Key Ingredients

Babassu Oil
Highly purifying oil that reinforces the skin barrier and protects against irritations

Witch Hazel and Cacoa Extracts (alcohol free)
Calms the look and feel of inflammation, helps relieve skin irritations, and serves up a cocktail of antioxidant protection which assists in slowing down premature aging

Rosemary & Lemon Essential Oil
Gives the skin a healthier glow and encourages brightening and tightening large pores

Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils
Soothing to skin, reduce the appearance of inflammation, while offering balance

Vegan 1% Hyaluronic Acid
Powerful, lightweight hydrater super star which gives you a plump and healthy complexion

Xylitol Prebiotic
Supports the skin’s natural microbiome

Apple Cider Vinegar
Cools inflamed skin while delivering probiotics and vitamin C

Thyme Essential Oil
Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, reduces the look and feel of inflammation and helps to control pesky breakouts.


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