Stevie McCord, Founder & Lead Esthetician

Continuing Education Facilitator and International Mentor

CIDESCO Diplomat

Stevie began her career in holistic skincare over 20 years ago. Her passion for helping individuals improve and maintain their skin started with two simple tenants – an unwavering dedication to educating others on the necessity and lifelong benefits of finding (and wearing!) the right sunscreen, and a love and deep understanding of quality skincare products.

Stevie studied at one of the most prestigious schools for esthetics and massage and earned her licensure as well as her CIDESCO Diploma – the highest accreditation attainable in esthetics. Her certification is an internationally recognized and accepted degree in over 40 countries globally. After graduation, Stevie went on to study at The College of Holistic Studies for two years in Houston where she became a certified Aromatherapist and gained an in-depth knowledge of holistic studies. Stevie’s extensive education provided a solid foundation for her European products training. Stevie’s work has always been informed by her interest in the synergy of ingredients, product development, and an esthetician’s role in bringing self-care for skincare to the home. One of her chief goals has always been to create a healthy balance of natural, organic, and botanical ingredients with the newest advancements in the field of skincare. 

With that goal in mind, Stevie soon went on to work in a number of positions that allowed her to gain hands-on product experience. She was an International and Regional Educator for many notable brands including: Académie Scientifique de Beauté, Decléor, Carita, Glymed, Lira Clinical, Dr Schrammek, Biodroga, Dr. Grandel and in the CBD space- Color Up Therapeutics, and Primal Healing. Her first job in high school at age 16 was working for The Body Shop for many years and met Anita Roddick before she passed away. She was a true inspiration for Stevie. Her first introduction to herbalism was at age 8. Her Grandmother’s best friend was an herbalist who taught Stevie how to make distillations and essential oils from the garden to bottle! Working for a diverse array of skincare companies and having this craft as her lifelong hobby helped Stevie gain an invaluable understanding of the behind-the-scenes ins and outs of the skincare industry on both a national and international level.  

After working with many skincare brands, and traveling and training around the world, Stevie took on the role of Spa Director for St. Regis Houston. Working for a notable luxury boutique hotel in one of the largest cities in the country gave Stevie the opportunity to learn a great deal about the hospitality and business side of operating a spa directly from Starwood Hotels. After leaving the St. Regis, Stevie went on to manage a Medi Spa for a Dermatologist then joined to manage a local neighborhood spa in the Heights. 

After some time, Stevie finally decided to bring her extensive skills to the room and began seeing clients. She quickly amassed a cult following – including some local celebrities – and quickly saw the need to create her own line of personalized skin care products. 

Stevie took the skincare line one product at a time – thoughtfully researching, curating and creating products that were aligned with her philosophy of merging holistic skincare with advancements in the industry. Five years into beginning this journey, Stevie had developed a well-rounded line of skincare products that were high demand. 

Stevie eventually made the decision to expand her wellness spa and opened a wellness co-op where she was able to mentor the next generation in the industry. Within almost a year of being open, the wellness co-op was really beginning to take off when the world was struck by Covid-19. Within a matter of days, Stevie had to make the incredibly difficult decision to close her dream spa and begin the work of restructuring her small business to fit our “new normal.”  What resulted is a full-circle moment that has really brought together all of Stevie’s passions for personalized skincare into one charming, feel-good space. Closing her dream spa brought Stevie back to her primary goal from over 20 years ago – to create and complete her very own skincare collection.

In Stevie’s Own Words

“My favorite things in life are products and learning about all the ingredients. I enjoy educating not only other professionals in the field, but also the consumer. I LOVE educating my clients and sharing with them essential skincare product knowledge and they often tell me how much they appreciate it! Many of my clients have actually had a hand in helping me test products along this journey.  

During this time of Covid, I was really sad that I couldn’t have interaction with my clients the way we used to and that eventually led to a profound personal epiphany! I needed to create an experience without touch that is informative, fun, and PROTECTS their skin! 

Although I am not a fan of makeup, I do always recommend to my clients that they wear a Mineral SPF. Unfortunately, it can be really challenging to find mineral makeup in the correct shade for many of my clients. And, so, the beginning of this concept was born. 


At Urban Alchemy Lab, we offer complete, from-scratch, custom-made organic powder and liquid mineral SPF, concealers, and other cosmetics that will not hurt or clog the skin and will protect them as we incorporate supporting skincare complexes IN the cosmetics to address their skincare concerns. Once we set up the color mixing lab for cosmetics, I started formulating again and created a custom serum bar, salt soak bar (with effective blends to add to it), body washes, face steams, yoni steams, masks, and beauty oils… all right here in our Lab! What an interactive experience this is!

We are transforming raw ingredients to create not only a fun and informative experience, but also to create custom-made products to fit your needs.  We will also have over 50 items that we have personally curated and/or created alone as a comprehensive offering to address all your skincare needs from head to toe – and beyond! 

We still have our Spa and are offering services, or as we like to call them, Spa Rituals. We are also still offering sessions with both the Infrared Sauna and Salt Cabin (which is great for upper respiratory health), but we now also have a skincare retail shop that is both brick and mortar AND online. “

Urban Alchemy Lab is a one-stop shop for your skin. You can book a peel or a treatment with Stevie or one of her trained staff members and then pick up everything you need to round out your at-home regimen in between services. We are still located near the Heights and, as always, are committed to providing you with the safest, most relaxing yet results oriented services we have to offer.